sudiotaku The Ultimate kingdom system
Given a second chance before humanity was teleported to a new world were they are the weakest race and not the only intelligent one and were destroyed. he with help of the ultimate kingdom system will change humanity fate from being destroyed.
matanman A Returnee Wants to Play VRMMO
At long last, MC defeated the final enemy that was threatening the world he was summoned to countless years ago and fulfill his wish to return to his homeworld... only to realize that it has changed as well. But, none of this matter to him since his wish all along was to play games and laze around. Especially now, that there is finally an opportunity to fulfill his wish of playing VRMMORPG, nothing...
SolateGOD El viaje del anti-héroe mas fuerte
La historia trata de un joven de veinte a?os aparentemente normal de casa sale a la universidad y suele hablar con sus amigos sobre cosas de mujeres,animes o novelas sale con sus amigos o suele estar en casa, como podrás ver es una persona normal o eso es nada mas su fachada porque en realidad es un asesino a sueldo al cual dios transporto a un mundo dándole una misión Descubre sus secretos...

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