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Chapter 1370: Return

Demonic Forest Channel.

As soon as Ning Jing entered this place, her nerves tightened. "What a powerful seal."

Han Fei glanced at Ning Jing. Her aura had quickly dropped from the Venerable realm to the Demonization realm. It was no wonder she looked tense. If someone attacked her at this time, the consequences were unpredictable.

However, Ning Jing was only slightly surprised before she breathed a sigh of relief. "It's not a complete suppression. My realm is suppressed, and some of my physique power can't be used. However, my characteristics as a Venerable are still there. I can still revive with blood, and my physique isn't weak to the Demonization realm."

Han Fei also felt that the power of his physique, except for its own specific hardness, had all disappeared.

However, Han Fei didn't panic at all.

If he guessed right, his current physique should be stronger than Jing'er's.

For those who didn't walk the path of body refinement, after entering this place, not only had their realm plummeted, but even their physique had dropped by two levels.

The difference between body refining and non-body refining was manifested here.

Entering this place, Han Fei was about to ask how to get out, when he saw that the Leafless Tree with only two branches was still here.

Qianshu explained, "Leafless has been here for too long. He was so bored that his remnant body gave birth to a new body, leaving his remnant body behind."

With that said, Qianshu waved her vine-like hand casually, and the two branches snapped. Qianshu handed one of the branches to Han Fei and said, "With this branch, you can open a path to the demon forest in the nearby areas."

Han Fei said, "Senior Qianshu, you have to be careful guarding this place. The sea demons also have a way to enter this place! Although they're only in the Demonization Realm, they once broke several branches of Senior Leafless in a row."

Qianshu said unhurriedly, "No worries. Leafless's branches were broken because he used most of his power to give birth to a new body. I won't give birth to a new body within a thousand years, so if the sea demons dare to invade, I won't let them get away."

Han Fei was relieved to hear that.

However, he thought for a moment and said, "In fact, it doesn't matter even if you let them go to the Water-Wood World! The Cloud Sea Divine Tree has so many strong masters. They can easily squeeze them to death!"

Qianshu: "The sea demons can never taint the Cloud Sea Divine Tree."

Ning Jing said, "It's just a few sea demons.There's no need to trap-kill them. Besides, this is your business, not our Water-Wood World's."

Han Fei shrugged and said, "Senior Qianshu, please send us out."

Qianshu couldn't help looking at Ning Jing. "Messenger Jing, you too…"

Ning Jing said, "This was arranged by the queen. There's no need to say anything."

"Yes, Messenger Jing."

Qianshu must know the Leafless Tree very well, so he picked up a branch, and green light bloomed in his hand. The small branch broke through the air as if hitting through the sky, and a gap appeared.

Seeing this method, Han Fei's heart did a flip. Although Qianshu looked very gentle and had taught for so many years, in terms of technique, he was more direct and violent than the Leafless Tree. Of course, it was not hard to imagine that the Leafless Tree had been here for too long and lost some of its vigor.

Han Fei didn't take it seriously. He exchanged a glance with Ning Jing, and the two of them disappeared into the pa.s.sage with a swish.

The moment he went to sea, Han Fei scanned the area with his perception. Because the range was not large, nothing special happened. This place was close to the Ten Thousand Demon Valley, about a hundred thousand kilometers away. It was not rare to see ordinary sea demons hunting treasures.

Even Ning Jing couldn't extend her perception to the Ten Thousand Demon Valle

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