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Chapter 505: Chapter 505

“Gee whiz, so dang noisy,” Sun Wukong lightly tutted, displeased.

The sky turned pitch-black in an instant and began cracking apart once more. From the cracks, all those Predators that had vanished along with Osiris after the earlier battle began revealing themselves once more.


A loud thunder cracked from the side.

Su-hyeun hadn’t created that thunder, though. Unlike his lightning bolts that mostly had an orange-golden hue, this lightning had a striking blue hue.

“You’re late, dummy,” said Sun Wukong.

“The war ended not too long ago, yet here they come again.” The one that appeared along with the crack of thunder was none other than Thor. He wielded Mj?lnir in one hand, his eyes scanning the ground below. “Is Osiris down there?”

“Yeah. But don’t try to b.u.t.t in, okay?”

Thor looked puzzled by what Sun Wukong said just then.

Osiris was an enemy even Odin found challenging to contend with. When dealing with such an opponent, the correct choice would be for everyone to work together.

“Well, it’s complicated, okay? In any case! If you try to b.u.t.t in, I’m gonna stop you myself, right here and now.” Sun Wukong sounded genuine.

He certainly had enough strength to do that, too.

No matter how strong Thor was, he wasn’t quite strong enough to handle Sun Wukong. Not only that but now wasn’t the time for them to bicker.

From Thor’s perspective, who was trying to rebuild Asgard and lead it in the future, he desperately needed the a.s.sistance of both Su-hyeun and Sun Wukong.

“Very well. I’ll let it go for now.”

“Good thinking, bud. Hey, you’re smarter than you look.”

“Ku-hum. As the new ruler of Asgard, this level of wisdom is obviously expected of me.” Thor stood straighter and prouder at the throwaway praise.

Sun Wukong stared at Thor, his eyes displaying how unimpressed he was by the G.o.d of Thunder, then he silently shook his head.


The screeches of the incoming Predators broke their brief bantering.

These monsters were creatures that desired more power but lost their intelligence in the process.

Sun Wukong looked up at these Predators, “Here they come.”

Poof, poof, poof—!

Dozens of clones materialized all around Sun Wukong next.

Controlling hundreds of clones at once was taxing for his stamina and mental strength, but only a few dozen would be a cinch.

“Extend, Ru—”

“Hold on,” Thor suddenly grabbed Sun Wukong’s shoulder.

Sun Wukong was about to mess up the battlefield with his trusty Ruyi Jingu Bang, so he could only crumple his expression in irritation while shooting a glare in Thor’s direction.

“I’d like to handle that particular one by myself.”

“That one?” Sun Wukong followed Thor’s glare and turned his head to look, “Uhm, which one are you even talking about? There are more than one or two here, you know?”

The spot they were looking at was teemi

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