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Chapter 2462 Realm Suppression

The statue within Tian Xiezi’s manifestation suddenly came to life, forming its own hand seals.

The manifestation swept over the world, creating a spherical domain around Long Chen and the others.

This domain was a part of Tian Xiezi’s manifestation. It was like they had been sucked inside of it.

Everyone’s expression changed. Guo Ran was the first to attempt charging out, but his attack didn’t shake the sphere at all.

“Hahaha!” Tian Xiezi laughed, standing atop the statue. “Did you think that I only had this little bit of ability? You’re naive! You have no idea just how terrifying a manifestation can be when its true name is called out. You are within my manifestation’s domain. Here, I am G.o.d and none of you can compete with me.”

Wilde, who either didn’t believe him or didn’t understand, attacked. His bone club smashed toward Tian Xiezi, but the statue moved, smas.h.i.+ng a fist at Wilde.

As a result, Wilde’s incredibly tough bone club that had never been damaged in battle shattered.


Everyone was startled, rus.h.i.+ng over. Wilde smashed into the wall of the domain and bounced off of it. When he picked himself up, his hands were covered in blood. Crack lines had appeared up to his shoulder.

“Foolish oaf, in this place, your brute power is far from enough. A fully awakened manifestation can unleash world energy through every bit of it. Your world energy can only be released through your body, but my world energy is fully unleashed throughout this entire domain. This domain is my world. Here, I can freely unleash the full power of my astral s.p.a.ce, and it is no longer limited by my physical body. Can a person’s power contend with the power of a world?” Tian Xiezi swept his gaze across them. Their shocked appearances were extremely satisfactory to him.

“I bet you never imagined just how much power a manifestation could unleash. Although many of you are talented and have a chance of reaching this level, I won’t be giving you that chance. Your lives will end here,” said Tian Xiezi.

Some faint rumbling rang out. It was possible to see Ye Lingshan, Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and the others attacking the barrier. However, their power was unable to break through. They were like gra.s.shoppers jumping into a heavy door.

“I have just entered the Samsara realm, but unless someone’s power can transcend the laws of my manifestation, this barrier will not break. Everyone, it’s about time for you to die. I still have more important things to do. Long Chen, so sorry, I’m going to start with your friends.” Tian Xiezi smiled at Long Chen sinisterly.

However, from start to end, Long Chen remained expressionless. Lightning flickered around him, but that lightning was starting to lose its light under Tian Xiezi’s suppression.

“It’s Guo Ran, right? An ant like you isn't qualified to stand in front of me. I’ll kill you first. You can consider it my favor to you

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