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Chapter 1331 - Chaos In The Palace

And so it began.

All over the place, be it in the Outer, Inner or mid sectors, the heavens seemed to be angered.

Their fury was like no other, causing chaos and panic to spread across the scene.

-Outer Sector.-

"No! No! The heavens are destroying the pace walls! What do we do?"

"Dammit! I'm still so young and strong, with 3 wives begging for my attention. So how can I die here? Run... Run... I have to get out of the palace walls before they finally crumble and kill me whole!"

"Ahhhg~~ Go back inside! Go back inside! the outside is just as terrible as the inside."

"Oh, heavenly beings... What wrong has this one committed? If you want to take the monarch's life, why go after poor little old me?"

"Oh no! Riggo was sent flying by the heavens... Riggo~!"


The outer sector was chaotic, as many were confused on whether to be open targets outside or rush into the walls that were still directly attacked.

Lying trough. What was the right thing to do here? Moreover, they had no physical event to attack. So... What the h.e.l.l were they supposed to do?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The heavens didn't give them time to think.

"Take cover!"


Many were in a state of frenzy.

And just like them, those in the mid and innermost sectors were dying from their anxiousness too... In particular, those in the innermost sectors truly felt as though their ends were near.


-Innermost Sector-

The wives, concubines and pleasure women were all trembling in the haram site in full horror.

No one cares about their animosities with the women they used to hate and scheme against. Now, everyone held their children with trembling hands as though it were a doomsday period.

Each convinced stayed in their courtyard, not daring to leave after witnessing what they saw from the tallest points in their buildings.

6-foot stone fences surrounded each courtyard.

Again, depending on how luxurious the t.i.tle given to them was, the buildings in their courtyards would also reflect their status.

Take the queen, the forest wife, for example... Her courtyard consisted of 6 buildings... With 3 being single floored, and another 2 having only two floors instead. Of course, she lived in the tallest one, with 3 floors.

Of course, the cold palace was a place that had just one building, without even a single fish pond on its property.

For Tilda, she had never lived in the general harem region, as they had long given her a special site behind the palace forest, just for her.

This way, they could guard her and make sure others never saw her, lest disgraced his majesty with her lack of education and manners.


In the harem, the wives and combines had desperate courtyards. But the pleasure sleeves were typically paired and dumped into a single courtyard, showing their lowly status.

At least, each pleasure slave would be given a single building within the courtyard to take care of their children and have their privacy.

And now, in this final moment, the children who hadn't had their coming were still in the palace, were quickly grabbed by their mothers.

It was a sight to hold, seeing these scheming women turn into warm ones when it came to their children

The queen held their 13-year-old daughter tightly while watching the rain of the many ma.s.sive yellowish flames pop out now and then from various corners around the outskirts of haram.

It was like nothing she had ever seen before. Things were flying around, and many far cries had long reached her ears. Fire, wind and the thunderous wrath of the heavens had engulfed the palace as far as her eyes could see.

But for some reason, the entire gram region seemed unaffected, as though the heavens had chosen to avoid them. But who was to say that they wouldn't be next?

The queen cropped her frightened daughter's head with all her might w

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