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Chapter 127.2

It didn’t take long to arrive at the airport, Xie Luan first let the Muka cubs who followed him go up to the stars.h.i.+p one by one, behind them were him and Ya Yi.

For these Muka cubs, this was the second time they took a stars.h.i.+p. Xie Luan led these Muka cubs to the corresponding seats and adjusted the safety protection on the seats. After everything was done, he said in a warm voice: “The babies will wait and not move when the stars.h.i.+p sets sail. I’ll just sit here.”

Except for Nick, the other Muka cubs were babies who were just born from their sh.e.l.ls the last time they boarded the stars.h.i.+p. At that time, these Muka babies stayed in bed-and-socket seats for cubs, but now they could sit in normal adult seats.

The Muka cubs who heard Xie Luan’s voice in the seat behaved very well, especially after Xie Luan touched their sharp forearms, they basically stayed calmly in the seat, completely motionless.

The journey time of the old commercial stars.h.i.+p was shortened from several days to one day. After arriving at Senna Star, Xie Luan quickly saw the people waiting to pick them up at the airport.

“Here.” As soon as Duke saw the young man who had come down from the stars.h.i.+p with a group of Muka cubs, he stood up and waved, with a clear smile on his face.

Xie Luan took the cubs and walked over. As soon as he approached, and even before he had time to speak, Xie Luan heard the other party saying to him: “Everyone is very happy to hear that you are coming to Senna. Senna is very different from before. This journey will definitely give you a surprise.”

Having said that, Duke didn’t specifically say anything different. He wanted the youth to see it directly with his eyes.

The outside environment was still similar in the airport. Xie Luan thought that he should be able to see some green at Senna Star this time, but when he really walked out of the airport, Xie Luan found that the development of Senna Star far exceeded his imagination.

At the entrance was a piece of lush greenery. This planet was originally lacking in green plants in Xie Luan’s memory and had sand blowing all around from time to time. Now it was planted with many tall Darrow trees, green gra.s.s and flowers. Such greenery could also be seen on both sides of the planned road.

Not only Xie Luan was stunned, but the Muka cub walking out behind him also made a low hiss while watching this scene.

“Nick’s hometown has become very beautiful now.” Seeing that the scarlet vertical pupils of the Muka cub next to him were set against these tall trees, Xie Luan couldn’t help but lower his eyebrows softly, and say this sentence to the cub in a slow voice.

After hearing Xie Luan’s voice, the Muka cub continued to look at the trees for a few seconds, and kept hissing low, as he bowed his head and arched into Xie Luan’s arms.

“Although some areas have not been greened yet, but now every area on the Senna is basical

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