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yoyo-i > The Death Mage Who Doesn\'t Want a Fourth Time > Chapter 271: Honorary Countess Darcia Zakkart
Chapter 271: Honorary Countess Darcia Zakkart

In a corner of Morksi’s red-light district, an Elf bard was practicing the guitar.

He plucked his strings while looking at a page of sheet music, producing a tune. He performed a single song from beginning to end, then looked up.

The Elf bard named Rudolf… or rather, the S-cla.s.s adventurer Randolf ‘the True,’ then gave his opinion.

“An excellently written page of sheet music. It is very easy to understand,” he said.

“So, it’s the sheet music that’s amazing, not the song or the guitar,” Kanako Tsuchiya… the reincarnated individual known as ‘Venus,’ said with a bitter smile, unaware of Rudolf’s true ident.i.ty.

“No, it is not that the guitar and song are not good. Ediria-san praised you highly. Receiving instruction from you is a completely new experience, and I am learning a lot,” Randolf said.

Kanako was one of Vandalieu’s companions, and when he learned that she was recruiting bards and dancers, he had applied in order to gain information regarding Vandalieu.

Randolf had been accepted without any problems, and he had been taught various instruments and techniques. He was an Elf who had lived for over a hundred years, and he was an extremely experienced adventurer. He had an understanding of a number of stringed instruments known by various names, as well as flutes and drums.

However, performing with this instrument known as a ‘guitar’ had been interesting. An adventurer by the name of Ediria, who was a wors.h.i.+pper of the G.o.d of Strings Hirshem, had become so engrossed by this that she forgot that she was an adventurer; Randolf could understand why.

The concept itself was simple, and there were countless other similar instruments. The interesting thing about it was the techniques that had been invented to play it.

The same went for the sheet music that Kanako had given him.

“Kanako-san, I think you’re aware of this, but ordinarily, the techniques needed to perform with instruments are handed down from generation to generation within musical families. Although they may not be as difficult as secret martial skills and spells… Many of these techniques are very difficult. And many pieces of music are not written as sheet music; the only way to learn how to play them is to see and listen to them being performed,” said Randolf.

There were all kinds of music in Lambda, and there were people who were sustained by music in their daily lives. However, performing music was something considered closed off and inaccessible to most people, with the exception of n.o.bles who learned it as a part of their education or as a hobby.

In most cases, one would need to be taken in as an apprentice by a professional performer or singer in order to learn. Other options included self-learning and copying others’ techniques after watching them… although there were some slave traders who taught singing and musical performance techniques to their slaves in order to increase their value.

In Randolf’s case, he had started by learning to sing and play the drums for religious festivals in his home village, which no longer existed. However, there had been no textbooks or sheet music for this; he had simply heard spoken explanations from adults and practiced.

In contrast, these guitar techniques felt like they had been created in order to teach others.

“The guitar techniques you have taught me are regular and easy to understand. It is as if it were designed for anyone to learn. And most importantly, this sheet music. It writes every song in the same way so that any song is simple and easy to understand. Many musical families have sheet music that looks like each song has been written in a different code,” said Randolf.

There was music in this world, but there was no standardized method for writing it down. Each age, each nation, and each musical family had their own ways of writing sheet music.

The reason for that was that there was

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