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Chapter 192

The sun gradually drifted west, until half of it sat on the horizon. Its brilliant light coated Berlin in a pale golden haze, s.h.i.+mmering waves on the Spree River reflected its light. Pedestrians hurried alongside the water on crowded streets.

Bai Ai’s headquarters stood not far from the river.

The orchestra’s emblem statue stood at the top of the modernist building. Three superimposed pentagons, messy and jumbled, decorated the building. They were uneven, but there was an undeniable beauty in the chaos. It was very recognizable.

Although they were on a week-long vacation, the members of Bai Ai had all gone to the headquarters to be interviewed one by one.

Germany was a country that placed great emphasis on cla.s.sical music. Perhaps in the whole of Europe, except Austria, there was no country comparable to this country’s history in cla.s.sical music.

Numerous masters were born here, and this place held the world’s top cla.s.sical music orchestra——Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Some thought Germany didn’t have many famous cla.s.sical music masters. However, Beethoven was German, as were Bach, Mendelssohn, and Schumann…

Now, the man being hailed as the king of modern cla.s.sical music also called this country home.

As a country with a strong cla.s.sical music atmosphere, Germany attached great importance to its musical literacy. The country had set up special cla.s.sical music channels, and the people’s love for cla.s.sical music was no less than that of the Austrians. At the end of Bai Ai’s European tour each year, the government arranged for interviews with Bai Ai’s members.

Today was that day.

Today, the best German reporters came to interview everyone in Bai Ai. They would make this interview into a doc.u.mentary and show it on the National Cla.s.sical Music Channel. Such a doc.u.mentary was filmed each year, and this year’s interview was just the beginning.

When Christole finished his, only Min Chen remained in the orchestra to complete his interview. Christole crept away from the building’s huge coffee shop. He walked out the door and hadn’t taken more than a few stops when he saw a person who shouldn’t have been there.

Christole’s eyes widened in surprise, and he reached out his hand to stop the young man. In a low voice, he asked, “Little Angel? Why are you here? There was a concert in Vienna the day before yesterday. I heard Daniel say… you wouldn’t have time to come to Berlin for another two days?”

Suddenly being stopped, Qi Mu took a few panicked breaths then looked at Christole with a blank expression. He replied, “I… Well, I have urgent business with Min Chen, so I changed my ticket.” After a pause, he asked, “I ran into Daniel at the door. He said Min Chen was here for an interview?”

Christole didn’t ask much. He just smiled gently, his chestnut hair looking very soft under the lights, “Well, Austin is completing his interview. If you want to wait for him, you can wait in the coffee shop. The shop is very big and you won’t disturb them during the interview. Would you like me to go with you?”

Qi Mu smiled and shook his head. “It’s getting late, you’d better head back. I’ll wait by myself.”

After a few more words, Christrole reluctantly headed for the door and left.

Not many people remained in the building. It was already time to get off work and all the members had accepted their interviews and headed home to resume their vacation. Only the corner of the coffeeshop was lit, and cameramen, lighting engineers, and professional reporters were gathered there, eager to speak with Bai Ai’s cold and elegant commander.

The coffee shop was large, more than 300 square meters. In terms of employee welfare, Bai Ai had never been stingy. Even the place for an afternoon tea break was extremely comfortable. All kinds of books for people to read were littered everywhere, along with self-service audio equipment for members t

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