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Chapter 547: Brother’s Respect, Superficial Words

"Quickly go and check on Sir Ian. Don't let that Phantom who crawled out from Sir Ian's body escape either!"

The Phantoms in the arena were shocked. They shouted and rushed toward Jerome who was by the city wall.

The arena was instantly empty, leaving only Vincent who was standing on the stage, and Kurt who was standing below the stage in the distance.

As the mastermind of this explosion, Vincent had to make sure that he stayed out of it as much as possible. He would not take the initiative to go forward unless it was a critical moment. Moreover, being behind others at this time would make it easier for him to collect information.

For example, Vincent had learned of some secrets from what the Phantoms were shouting!

It turned out that all the Phantoms knew the huge Phantom that had turned into a city. They all respectfully addressed him as Sir Ian. Moreover, the Phantoms did not know Jerome, much less his ident.i.ty as the third prince!

If Vincent had not caught this information that was considered common knowledge within the Phantoms in advance, it was inevitable that he would reveal his flaws in front of the other Phantoms or Jerome in the future.

After seeing that the Phantoms had gathered below the city wall, Vincent turned to give Kurt a look. The two of them then slowly walked down the city wall.

At that moment, under the city wall, Jerome, who was covered in injuries, struggled to get up from the ground. Before he could check on Sir Ian's injuries, he found himself surrounded by all the Phantoms in the city. There was anger in everyone's eyes. They looked like they could swallow him alive at any time.

Jerome looked at the Phantoms in front of him and asked cautiously, "What are you doing?"

"It must be you who injured Sir Ian to this extent! Tell us, who ordered you to do this, otherwise, we will teach you a lesson today!"

"That's right, judging from your sneaky look, you must be a spy who sneaked into the city! Sir Ian has protected the Phantoms here for so long. If you don't tell us your background today, don't even think about leaving alive!"

The Phantoms gathered under the city wall saw Sir Ian fall into a deep coma. They immediately thought that Jerome was the real culprit who caused all this. They immediately questioned Jerome with a murderous look. There were even some Phantoms who did not want to hear Jerome's explanation at all. They simply could not wait to devour him.

As residents of the city, it was naturally everyone's responsibility to avenge Sir Ian.

Most of the Phantoms had just been provoked by Vincent. They envied him for being able to devour high-level Phantoms. As an a.s.sa.s.sin had suddenly appeared in the city and injured Sir Ian to such an extent, the a.s.sa.s.sin should no doubt be an expert. Therefore, the Phantoms wanted to use him as nourishment to increase their strength.

Jerome looked at the greedy gazes of the Phantoms in front of him. He naturally knew what they were thinking. However, he did not open his mouth to explain. Instead, his face was gloomy and he chose to remain silent.

If Jerome revealed his ident.i.ty as the third prince, he would naturally intimidate those Phantoms who wanted to devour him. However, this would undoubtedly expose the relations.h.i.+p between him and Sir Ian. It would also cause him to reveal his ambitions in advance. This would then allow his big brother, who he wanted to replace wholeheartedly, to realize that he had been playing tricks behind the scenes during the Academy's Grand Compet.i.tion.

Thus, Jerome made up his mind. He would rather be surrounded by everyone than admit his ident.i.ty.

In any case, the Phantoms who had come to partic.i.p.ate in the Academy's Grand Compet.i.tion did not have the strength of more than a level 60 creature. Jerome believed that with his own strength, he would be able to successfully escape. At t

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